The Story of your Bubble

At You’BBle, we believe in the power of hard work and shortcuts; and when opportunities meet preparation, wonderful things happen! We are obsessive about our belief that marketing and networking can have a less invasive way to reach the target audience; and our model caters to that very concept where people can focus on what they do best, rather than shifting gears to invest a chunk of their time and energy in getting visibility from their desired audience.

We take great pleasure in simplifying your networking and marketing needs via our platform and provide community-focused marketing approaches to get results that matter. 

Solutions & Planning for what we need to do


To cultivate and to share with people of various international communities the essential resources necessary to make their lives more successful by taking a community first approach to supporting each other’s ideas, initiatives, and needs.


To establish a platform for International communities or foreign natives to collaborate with each other and help ‘immigrant’.

How it all began...

Being immigrants trying to start a new life didn’t come easy for the founders of Youbble, and so is the case for the majority of internationals; especially to get accustomed to differences in culture, social norms, communication, and be able to find opportunities to work on our dreams and create better lives for ourselves and others. We launched a startup - Youbble and have been dedicating our time and energy in curating a platform for anyone who migrates, or are traveling abroad; and are looking for helpful resources close to their culture and/ or interest. Our goal is to offer ease and convenience mainly for foreign natives (especially, the next generation of travelers), along with locals to explore, settle, or start an initiative without much struggle.



You’BBle had a project realization and business forming desire in 2017 due to lack of a robust platform that caters to Nepalese community. We observed the constant craving by Nepalese immigrants in the US and Canada to find people, businesses, and products around them that are associated with their roots and culture. Hence, a feasibility study was conducted to understand a potential solution, and a small project was initiated to bridge the gap.



As the effort to implement a networking and marketing platform took shape for the Nepalese community, a question sparked whether such needs exist for other immigrants from international communities in US and Canada. You’BBle took the liberty to approach few other international communities and understood a potential gap and desire for such platform amongst those communities as well. In few weeks, You’BBle came back from its drawing board with the audacity to introduce an international community oriented platform and refined vision to cater to a broader audience.



As the platform development and team persistence showed signs of a potential launch, You’BBle planned for its readiness to go-to-market. However, without proper operational foundation and processes in place, it would prove to be naive on our part to gain trust and confidence from our user base to adopt this new platform. You’BBle established heads of Operation, and Marketing & Communication to spearhead in establishing procedures and protocols; and strategizing on operational efforts in anticipation of our launch.


Go-To-Market Prelaunch

Youbble Fellowship
The CoVid chaos took our world by surprise. YouBBle introduced a fellowship program to help 15 International students with financial needs, and train them on career building.

Youbble Burza

We introduced this 3-in-1 fun board game for branding purposes; but mainly for fun, sharing joy and laughter, while raising funds to continue development on our Youbbler app.


Our much anticipated digital platform, a free app to connect talents, businesses, freelancers, hobbyists and users within international communities has been launched for Pilot testing.

Meet the Awesome Team

You’BBle takes pride in teaming up and collaborating with other initiatives that trust and support our initiative. As exciting as it is to have additional support for the long haul, we cannot give enough gratitude to these individuals and businesses that see a potential in You’BBle being an answer for their calling.

Piyush Shakya

Business Lead

Kshitij Karki

Technical Lead

Brenda Hinson

Operations Lead

Howard Mcnamara

Marketing & Communication Lead

Sini Nyman

Administrator & Coordinator

Rebecca Shrestha

Product Manager

Priyanka Karki

Legal Advisor

At You’BBle, we live and breathe digital; the harmonious matrimony of data and technology is the core of everything we do. Our global team of geeks is at the forefront of Youbbler technology, focusing their technical expertise and user experience on helping our customers tackle their marketing and networking challenges to thrive for success.

Kiran Subedi

Software Engineer(Full-stack developer)

Kapil Maharjan

Lead Engineer

Jubin Shrestha

UI designer

Shreebatsa Chaturvedi

Technical Analyst

At You’BBle, we count our blessings and cannot skip addressing key resources that contributed their thoughts, time, and energy towards enriching the journey of You’BBle since its birth. No matter how big or small of a contribution, we convey our sincere gratitude towards those that believed in our project and were part of our struggle story.

Avaya Rijal

Ashim Lamichhane

Amba Dutt Joshi

Raghav Kataria

Rashmi Shakya

Rohith Putcha

Anuradha Khanal

Sini Nyman

Chirag Dangol

Saroj Shahi

Our Partners


DC based aspiring creative designer, representing her brand - Boolaki contributed her energy and artistic expressions through Youboolaki, handmade bracelets dedicated to the theme our Youbble Burza game.


New York City based photographers & videographer duo who contributed their expertise in creating Youbble and Youbble Burza media contents.



You’BBle fellowship program was introduced to assist International Students with financial support and mentorship program during CoVid19 shutdown. Thanks to the wonderful humans that came for support with generous donations that helped us successfully onboard 15 credible fellows from various international communities. We and the fellows would like to give our wholehearted thanks to our network of believers that helped us with implementing the program.

Check out the list


  • Nazmi Maya
  • Nilyum Shaila Jhala
  • Saqib Ahmed
  • Sashank Purighalla
  • Shabi Rizvi
  • Tarun Jain


  • Abdelkarim Ben Ghorbal
  • Adrian Derek
  • Anant Madas
  • Andrea Forte
  • Anil Narra
  • Anmol T
  • Anya Khot
  • Ariel Chavez
  • Ayushma Malla
  • Azin Mohajerin
  • Bandana Gorkhaly
  • Barsha Bista
  • Bernstein Stephen
  • Bharat Shrestha
  • Bhupa Malla
  • Biddwan Guragain
  • Bikal Parajuli
  • Chandi Dahal
  • Dilip Yadav
  • Dina Shrestha
  • Ghanshyam Patel
  • Gihan Liyanage
  • Hassaan Faridi
  • Janarthanan Jagadeesan
  • Jyoti Shrestha
  • Karthik Mudaliar
  • Kartkeya Joshi
  • Kiran Kale
  • Krycil Anto
  • Kshitij Karki
  • Labi Shrestha
  • Manika Guragain
  • Manish Pandey
  • Manisha Shrestha
  • Maushami Shrestha
  • M Baqir Mohie El-deen
  • Naeem Uddin
  • Nasmita Hirachan
  • Nimesh Akhauri
  • Nirmal Karki
  • Nnamdi Okoli
  • P&P Rajbhandari
  • Panayiotis Theofanous
  • Pashupati Shrestha
  • Peterson Jawaharlal
  • Piyush Shakya
  • Prabal Manandhar
  • Prabhu Gautam
  • Pradeep Balakrishan
  • Pranab Khanal
  • Prarthana Sharma
  • Prasanna Malla
  • Prerita M
  • Puja Mehta
  • Rajib Shrestha
  • Ramesh Khadka
  • Rikesh Tuladhar
  • Rita Bhattachan
  • Rohith Putcha
  • Rubina Tuladhar
  • Sabina Manandhar
  • Sabisha Shrestha
  • Sachin Baidya
  • Sadeep Raut Chhetry
  • Sairon Chhetri
  • Sandhya Wilhelm
  • Shaileesha Shrestha
  • Shailesh Sharma
  • Shandip KC
  • Shanta Hirachan
  • Shanti Maharjan
  • Shirish Joshi
  • Shivani Bhakta
  • Shova Gurung
  • Shrijan Shrestha
  • Shriyam Dhakal
  • Shyamji KC
  • Snehi Thapa
  • Sonam Sherpa
  • Sony Singh
  • Sri Racherla
  • Srijana Pokhrel
  • Srinath Balaraman
  • Subash Rijal
  • Suhit Pradhan
  • Sujata Dangol
  • Sumedh Shrestha
  • Suvekshya Thapa
  • T D
  • Tshering Sherpa
  • Ujjwal Shrestha
  • Vijay Muniswamy
  • Vinil Bhandari
  • Waseem F
  • Victor Bhattarai


  • Akash Timilsina
  • Arpan Karki
  • Ayush Singh
  • Darshita Mehta
  • Faizan Ahsan
  • Huma Vaidya
  • John T
  • Manish Thapa
  • Namuna Maharjan
  • Noreen Mirza
  • Prabesh Dangol
  • Rojeep Shrestha
  • Safi Ullah
  • Shibani Mulajkar
  • Sumit Shrestha
  • Suresh Gurung
  • Sushil Lamsal
  • Trang Koenig
  • Umar Hadi

Early Backers

You’BBle would not have been successful without the trust and support from our network of believers. We would like to give our wholehearted thanks to our super early backers that helped us financially with our data harvest initiative that led to the birth of our initial proof of concept. We have a long way to go and anticipate more backers to support us through our tough journey to make You’BBle a global product for helping the international community thrive in their quest for success.

Check out the list
  • Sushil Karki Euless, TX
  • Prasanna Malla Mobile, AL
  • Vidya Malla Mobile, AL
  • Manish Pandey Stamford, CT
  • Adarsh Karki Elkridge, MD
  • Ajay Singh Orlando Park, IL
  • Neema Sherpa Mobile, AL
  • Tshering Sherpa Woodside, NY
  • Shova Gurung Aldie, VA
  • Anuradha Khanal Fairfax, VA
  • Jaya Pandey Mobile, AL
  • Pashupati Shrestha Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Saurava Pradhan Reston, VA
  • Suvekshya Thapa Fairfax, VA
  • Prithvi Khatri Jacksonville, FL
  • Abhishek Ghimire Philadelphia, PA
  • Sumedh Tuladhar Chandler, AZ