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Youbble aspires to be YOUr buBBle - a one-stop shop for all your networking and marketing needs. Here is a platform we curated for talents, businesses, freelancers, hobbyists and users within communities tied together by origin, common interests, culture, and language to come together and interact in a relevant space. We bring you closer to your community and the community to you!

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YouBBle Burza is a fun strategic hodgepodge game for anyone looking to break the silence, or crank up the party, and bring out the inner talents in you; whether be the next diva, dancing star, comedian, or a genius nerd.

The game is designed with versatility in mind to play in NOT just 1, NOT 2, but THREE different ways!

  1. YouBBle Burza Party Mode
  2. YouBBle Burza Quiet Mode
  3. Traditional Langur Burja

We are introducing this game for the sake of fun, sharing joy and laughter, while raising funds for developing an international community focused networking and marketing platform - Youbble; and we cannot get this done without your support.

So, if you are an advocate of good times, bringing people together, sharing joy and laughter, sharpening your skills, creating memories, and having fun while planting bubble mines and drowning monkeys, please help us make this game a reality!


You'BBle’s objective is to create a bridge between the cultural challenges of foreign nationals and the solution. With You’BBle, initiatives and ideas can thrive more easily within your respective community. Further, with You’BBle, you will be able to easily connect with people and businesses that serve, understand, and value your culture, language, and products. You’BBle addresses questions such as:

  1. Where can I find people that are from my country, understand my language and culture around here?
  2. Where can I find food and products that I am used to back home?
  3. How can I take my talent and business, or collaborate with people from within my community?

A small team of visionaries have quietly labored for the past couple of years. This team has been nurturing the concept and doing the hard work of establishing the foundation of You’BBle. Please take a minute and listen to the heart and overview of our vision

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