“Youbble” /yo͞ob(ə)l/ aspires to be ‘Your bubble’. A one-stop common platform to bring communities of foreign nationals together for your networking and marketing needs. A platform for talents, businesses, freelancers, hobbyists, and other individuals within communities, tied together by country of origin, common interests, culture, and language to come together and interact in a relevant space. We bring you closer to your community and the community to you!

Who We Are

Youbble aspires to be ‘Your bubble’.

You’BBle’s objective is to create a bridge between the cultural challenges of foreign nationals and potential solutions. With You’BBle, initiatives and ideas can thrive more easily within your respective community and beyond. Further, with You’BBle, you will be able to easily connect with people and businesses that serve, understand, and value your culture, language, and products.

A small team of visionaries has quietly labored for the past couple of years. This team has been nurturing the concept and doing the hard work of establishing the foundation of You’BBle. Please take a minute and listen to the heart and overview of our vision

Addressing your questions

With You’BBle, you will be able to easily connect with people and businesses that serve,
understand, and value your culture, language, and products. You’BBle addresses questions such

Get Started
  • How can I connect with people that are from my country, understand my language and culture around here?
  • Where can I find food and products that I am used to back home?
  • How can I take my talent, business, service to my community and beyond; or collaborate with like-minded people from my community and beyond?
  • How can I reach more audiences from within my community and beyond?
  • How can I make more sales and revenue for my products and services?

See What our app does

Discover people and businesses linked to your community and build relationships...Awareness of businesses, freelancers, and talents within personal network, your community, and beyond...Offer or save on cost saving deals from community owned Businesses, Freelancers, and Talents...Increase intimacy and trust in business transactions...Join this grassroots movement to supporting your community and growing together!

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