Inspired by the famous Eastern game of ‘Langur Burja’ aka ‘Jhandi Munda’ fused with Western board and video game concepts, YouBBle Burza is a fun strategic hodgepodge game for anyone looking to break the silence, or crank up the party, and bring out the inner talents in you; whether be the next diva, dancing star, comedian, or a genius nerd.

For Party Mode, Players start by placing their unique colored Player Chips on one of the symbols on the Youbble Burza mat. Players take turns rolling 5 dice for each round. The player with the highest number of dice in their favor need not draw from a deck of action cards, but get to draw a power to keep from a deck of power bubbles. Rest of the players must draw an action card each and perform the action to earn themselves a power bubble, unless they have specific power bubbles to slip past.

While most of the actions are ridiculous and hilarious to execute, the goal of the game is to avoid a bubble mine that is hidden in the deck of action cards. If you run into it twice, you are out of the game! The deck is also designed to strategize and knock other players out of the game by planting bubble mines, and series of power bubbles that help you to survive through the game by forcing, resisting, and teaming up with players to knock others out of the game. The game gets more fun and intense with each card you draw because there’s more silliness, more ridicule, more chances of running into a bubble mine! It’s a double-edged sword that you’ve barely witnessed before!

For Quiet Mode, the mechanics are the same as Party Mode, but the action card deck consists of brain teasing, mind sharpening, fun riddles and factual questions that you have to solve for competing in the game.

For Traditional Langur Burja, the game is played between players and a host. Youbble Burza mat marked with the six symbols is used by players to call dibs on one or more symbols using their colored power bubble in hand. Each unique color of power bubble represents set points that can be used for determination of total points accumulated by players when they win. The host then throws three dice. If you have your dibs on any symbol which comes facing up on one or more of the dice, in addition to returning the stake, the host pays the player with colored power bubble points of their stake for each die showing that symbol - even points if one, 2:1 if two, and 3:1 if three. If the symbol doesn't come up, the player loses their power bubble points. The strategy is to rely on probability and not lose, while collecting as many power bubbles as possible.

The game is created by Piyush Shakya (You’BBle) in design collaboration with Jangmu Lama (cool, up and coming graphic designer) & Jubin Shrestha (You’BBle UX Designer). We are introducing this game for the sake of fun, sharing joy and laughter, while raising funds for developing an international community focused networking and marketing platform - Youbbler; and we cannot get this done without your support. So, if you are an advocate of good times, bringing people together, sharing joy and laughter, sharpening your skills, creating memories, and having fun while planting bubble mines and drowning monkeys, please help us make this game a reality!

In addition to the game, we are partnering with few new and coming small businesses to give them a share of the spotlight. Please do support our local businesses, creatives, and help with sustainability. We think you will enjoy these unique premium products to the fullest.

Our joyful spirits bow to yours,

   - Piyush, Jangmu & Jubin

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Party Mode and Quiet Mode

Players call dibs on one of the symbols on the You’BBle Burza mat.

Player with the lowest number marked on Player Chip rolls 5 dice, followed by the next player in subsequent rounds.

Player with the highest number of dice in their favor draws a power bubble to keep from a deck of power bubbles

The rest draw from a deck of action cards. Each player must complete the action to earn themselves a power bubble, else go empty handed to the next round

Hidden in the deck of Action cards is a Bubble Mine. If you draw a Bubble Mine, you drown your Monkey!

Each player gets a Bubble suit to give your monkey a second chance at life. If you draw a Bubble Mine again, your monkey drowns in the Mariana Trench with no signs of coming back to life :( Which means, you are out of the game).


You can up your chances of saving your monkey from drowning and survive in the game by strategizing well and using your power bubbles!

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