Mining Monkeys| Youbble Burza Friends & Family + Traveler’s pack


One copy of Youbble Burza Adult (Ages 18+) + Friends & Family version (Ages 7+)


  • Youbble Burza Game Board
  •  Dice
  • 30× Power Bubbles
  • 34× Action Cards – Friends & Family (Ages 7+)
  • 34× Action Cards – Adult (Ages 18+)
  •  Player Chips


What’s it like: You are part of a team, but yet competing against each other.

For this version: INTERMEDIATE VERSION or PROFESSIONAL (Check Play Book). PARTY & QUIET MODE. Remove “Plant a Bubble Mine” cards from the deck.

Before you play: Players can choose to play party mode or quiet mode, or mix both. We recommend a mix of party & quiet mode depending on which side comes on the card.

How To Play
1. Place the Burza board in front of the Players.
2. Shuffle the Power Bubble Deck, and place it face down in front of Players.
3. Shuffle the Action Card Deck, and place it face down in front of Players.
4. Each Player picks a Player Chip color to play with throughout the game. Each chip has a Player number and your lifeline – “Bubble Suit”.
5. Starting with the lowest Player Chip number:

i. Use your player chips to call dibs on a symbol on the board for each round.
ii. Roll 5 dice, and match the outcome with the symbols on dice with those on the board.
iii. If the highest count of matching symbols on dice doesn’t favor your symbol, you will have to pick action cards, and perform tasks or answer questions in 15 secs.
iv. If you have the highest match of dice, or have completed the action, you earn power bubbles.
v. These power bubbles have points in each. Keep collecting points.
vi. As you keep drawing the action cards, hidden in the deck is a bubble mine.
vii. Once someone steps into the bubble mine, it impacts the team. All players must flip their chips to bubble suits and continue the game. You have one more life left.
viii. Bubble mine is planted back in the deck and shuffled.
ix. If anyone hits bubble mine again, everyone is out.
x. Players count the points, and the highest point is the winner.

The objective is to stay in the game by performing actions and earning power bubbles while avoiding bubble mines.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8.5 × 2.3 in


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