Youbble Ignition

Hello fellow You’BBlers! This is our first of many press releases we anticipate in future, and we are more than excited to share what we have in store for you to create your own success stories. To keep it short and sweet for your understanding, here is what You’BBle is introducing to you as a first cut of the pie we are baking.

Just as exciting it is when birthing a newborn, we are anxious and holding on to our emotions to introduce to you a minimum viable product that we intend to go to market with. We have just launched the beta version of our networking and marketing app called – ‘Youbbler’. The terminology is our very own coined abbreviation for ‘Your Bubble Enabler’. If you are reading this, you are invited to put on your adventure hat and download the app from your app store for your respective smartphone device.

The concept of Youbbler is to provide an easily accessible intuitive digital platform to bring together businesses, entrepreneurs or freelancers, and users within a community tied together by origin, common interests, culture, and language; and create opportunities to interact and commit to business transactions for the daily necessities and future goals.

We are rolling out with a simple directory of community users, keeping our focus on a small set of users to begin our venture, starting with the Nepalese and Tibetan community data in the US and Canada. Our intent of limiting our data set is to learn the usability and reflect upon failures to keep refining the product and concepts, targeting a more robust platform by the time we launch to a wider audience in coming months.

With that being said, we do not discourage our other community members from signing up for the app. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to list in our directory any of your initiatives that you are trying to roll out to the market or have been publicizing. This helps us worry less of the capable users that are tech savvy to get into our early adopter crowdbase, and shift our focus on the majority that struggle with modern day apps and marketing strategies.

Rest assured, we will be enhancing our product and gradually rolling out new features over the next few months and years to give our users more power and control over their ventures that they are struggling to expand to unfamiliar territories. Please stay tuned to our press releases in future along with our several social media platform presence to bring you hot updates off of our baking factory. Do add us in your go-to social media and networking platforms for frequent interactions. Until then, it’s goodbye from YOUr buBBLE!


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