Mining Monkeys|Youbble Burza Traveler’s Pack


Mining Monkeys|Youbble Burza Traveler’s Edition

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What’s it like: You are playing against other players and letting luck be your guiding light

For this version: BEGINNER’S VERSION. PARTY & QUIET MODE. There is no bubble suit in this version of the game, so you only get 1 life and a deck of cards to play with.

Before you play: Players can choose to play party mode or quiet mode, or mix both. We recommend a mix of party & quiet mode depending on which side comes on the card.

Adult Action Cards

Nothing explicit, just pure fun!

How To Play:

1. Each round starts with Players drawing from the top of a shuffled set of action cards deck.
2. Players, when ready, must answer or perform in 15 secs to stay in the game.
3. Players keep drawing until someone runs into a bubble mine, which means you are out of the game.

Stay away from Bubble Mine

4. As a goodbye gift, you will strategize and hide the bubble mine in the deck of cards to knock others out of the game.
5. The last player standing wins.

This can be a standalone game or an upgrade to those who have already purchased Youbble Burza Friends & Family version.

Grab a pack and turn it into a party!

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