A fun 3-in-1 game – Youbble Burza!

Hi All,

We know most of us hate long posts, but THANK YOU for reading this. Some of you already might have noticed that we @Youbble FAMILY have put together a FUN 3-in-1 BOARD GAME for you #Youbble Burza. We went LIVE on KICKSTARTER at 9pm on July 28th. We have few BACKERS, but we feel we could do MORE. It’s an overwhelming feeling for us to put together so many moving pieces, considering every one of us in the team has our daily priorities with work, college, family, and life. We’ve put in months of hard work, patience, thoughts, energy, and emotions in this GAME to make sure you will ENJOY this product; and TRUST us, you will LOVE this! More than anything, we HOPE to create GOOD memories for YOU out of this GAME, and we want to be a part of that journey. If you want to learn more on HOW TO PLAY and WHERE TO BUY:


We, as @Youbble, work on short bursts of projects. This GAME is one of those projects that is planned as a LIMITED EDITION, as we shift gears to other projects we have in our roadmap. That’s one more reason to BUY THIS GAME! It is said – “Your network is your net worth”; and you folks are the closest network we have in our CIRCLE. Following the very foundation that our business initiative was built on, i.e. to HELP discover skills, talents, and ideas within your own network and community, we would like to make a PLEA to you. Whether we are FAMILY, FRIENDS, RELATIVES, NEIGHBORS, COWORKERS, or those WEIRDOS who never met, help us go further to get to PEOPLE who you want to SHARE YOUR LOVE and introduce this BUNDLE OF JOY. We count your BLESSINGS and will make sure to keep you in mind as time makes the KARMA due. If you are interested in learning where we plan to utilize the funds, or what other things we have been experimenting with, read further.

This year, we are launching a networking and marketing app – Youbbler, keeping the International Community challenges in mind (here and abroad). We’ve also executed our Fellowship Program for International Students to help them during quarantine and lockdown; in addition, we have Professionals under whose wings, some of these students are really getting groomed to be Professionals, and get an early start at their career. They’ve been VALUABLE helping hands with all the chaos that goes around, even in a small bootstrap company. We are thankful for their support and all our early backers that made it happen. Therefore, THANK YOU Youbble Family for putting up with each other.

So, help us take this GAME and other initiatives to the next level. Back us up, SHARE with your network, HELP us go SPREAD the LOVE. Let us know of your ideas and come COLLABORATE with us! As the saying goes – “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”. Let’s go places!

With love,

THE Youbble Family 🙂


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A fun 3-in-1 game – Youbble Burza!

Hi All, We know most of us hate long posts,…

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